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Back to School with Brainfuse: Updates & Training Opportunities

Aug 16, 2022


As announced last month, the contracts for Brainfuse HelpNow, JobNow, and VetNow have been renewed through FY23. Libraries can offer these resources to their communities at no cost. Future renewals may depend on a demonstrated need and usage of the resources, so the State Library is offering ways to help Brainfuse reach more Iowans through libraries.

HelpNow Library Links

When the State Library initially contracted with Brainfuse for JobNow and VetNow several years ago, State Library LRTs manually added the resource links to each PLOW library website. This process was not replicated with the newer HelpNow contract, and a recent audit found that more than 200 PLOW libraries did not have a link to HelpNow on their website.

As a courtesy, LRTs have already started adding HelpNow links to PLOW library websites that have not yet deployed them. Non-PLOW libraries that need their unique HelpNow link to add to their library website can contact their District LRT.

Brainfuse Training Opportunities

Two webinars for CE credit will be offered later this month on promoting HelpNow and JobNow/VetNow to communities. Register in IA Learns at the links below.

BrainfuseHelpNowLogo.pngBack to School: Best Practices for Promoting Brainfuse HelpNow

Wednesday, August 24, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
As the school year begins, it is the ideal time to promote Brainfuse HelpNow. Diane Bizzle, Director of Outreach, will provide a brief overview of the services within the Brainfuse HelpNow program focusing on the popular online homework help, writing lab, and practice tests.

Register for Promoting HelpNow



CPMYo5cL.pngMarketing Brainfuse to Job Seekers & Veterans in Your Community

Wednesday, August 31, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Brainfuse’s goal is to connect people with questions to those with answers. It is often said that job hunting is one of the most difficult jobs you will have and navigating the VA can be overwhelming. Join Diane Bizzle, Director of Outreach, for an overview of JobNow and VetNow. Learn strategies for letting your community members know about the services offered for veterans and job seekers.

Register for Marketing JobNow/VetNow

Brainfuse Marketing Materials

Brainfuse has created a wealth of materials for Iowa libraries to promote the resources, from social media and website graphics; to bookmark, poster, and flyer printables, and more (including the header image above!). Bookmark the link below:

Browse Brainfuse Marketing Materials