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New Edition of the Iowa Library Trustee's Handbook Now Available

Feb 05, 2021

State Library staff have completed work on a revised edition of the Iowa Library Trustee's Handbook. In updating the previous 2014 edition, the new 2021 publication is now available for Iowa library trustees and directors to reference.

The welcome letter from State Librarian Michael Scott reads in part "Congratulations on your appointment as a trustee of your public library! As trustees, you have the responsibility to ensure that Iowa’s public libraries remain well funded, well managed, and well used. Your time, generosity, and dedication are vital to our success here at the state level. On behalf of my colleagues at the State Library of Iowa, I extend my gratitude for your leadership and service. We hope that this Handbook will be a helpful reference during your tenure on the board!"

Handbook Features

The Handbook opens as a read-only Google Doc that can be browsed, searched, and printed. The editing team included short summary chapters at the beginning, including:

  • First Things First
  • A Culture of Learning
  • The Five Primary Responsibilities of Iowa Library Boards

These initial summary chapters are ideally suited for printing and sharing with prospective trustees, for including in board orientation packets, and for sharing with the mayor's office when there are vacancies on the board to be filled.

In addition, the new Handbook has been streamlined from earlier editions, shorter, with a new sequencing of chapters. It provides an assortment of helpful templates and tip sheets in the Appendix, including a sample meeting agenda, sample bylaws, and three board assessment tools. Along with artwork, quotes, and formatting to freshen the look.

Read the updated Trustee's Handbook