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ARSL Conference Grants

The State Library of Iowa is excited to announce grants to six Iowa libraries (one in each district) to allow a librarian on staff to attend the 2023 Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) Conference in Wichita, KS, September 20-23, 2023. Each grant offers up to a $1,000 reimbursement for registration, hotel, and transportation. 

The purpose of the grants is to help Iowa libraries improve library service to their communities through continuing education and training for library personnel. The ARSL Conference is especially relevant to the majority of Iowa libraries, which serve populations under 2,500. 

The grants be issued to the library (not the individual traveling) in the form of a reimbursement of up to $1,000. Other incidentals, such as meals, will need to be covered by the library or the employee. The library will pay the upfront costs and submit receipts to the State Library for reimbursement of the following items:

  • Registration: Scholarship recipients will be eligible for the Early Bird member rate of $290.
  • Hotel: Conference rate lodging of $122 plus taxes & fees.
  • Transportation: Due to travel distance to Wichita, KS from Iowa, the State library will reimburse state rate mileage for driving to and from the conference. No airfare will be reimbursed.

These competitive grants have a short application form which will require a paragraph (200 words or less) explaining why you want to attend, what you hope to get from the conference and how you plan to share the information with your institution and the wider library community. 

Applicant Considerations

Special consideration will be given to:

  • Library Tier Status (must be at Tier 1 or above).
  • Attendee has support of library board and/or director.
  • Attendee would be going to the conference for the first time.
  • Length of time working at library (two years or more preferred).
  • Attendee is willing to participate in a webinar panel following the conference.
  • Libraries that currently have a budget for continuing education.
  • Librarians who have been endorsed at the State level. 

The 2023 application period has closed.​​​​​