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2022 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Community College Library Grants

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About the Grants

The State Library is giving Iowa Community College Libraries grants of up to $5,000 from its allocation of American Rescue Plan funds. The grant funds are to be used for materials or technology to support digital inclusion efforts to enable libraries to reach students, especially in support of education, health, and workforce development needs; and/or to respond to the pandemic and implement public health protocols.

American Rescue Plan Act funds are available until September 30, 2022 (the end of the federal fiscal year.) The State of Iowa's fiscal year end June 30, 2022. Because of this, the Community College ARPA Grant program will run in two time periods. See below for the timelines. Libraries can choose only one grant period for one grant.


Qualified applicants are community college libraries in Iowa. If the community college has multiple libraries in different cities, each campus library may apply for a grant.

Collaboration among libraries: A group of Community College libraries that wants to pool their up-to-$5000 allotment may do so to purchase allowable items. One library must serve as the fiscal agent. The fiscal agent will pay the vendor and collect the money from the other libraries. Likewise, the fiscal agent will claim the reimbursement from the State Library and distribute the money to the other libraries.

Qualifying Purchases and Reimbursements

All grant purchases must be from the List of Allowable Items. These items are pre-approved to meet the funding priorities of the ARPA funds. If you have an idea for something not included in the list, you must get prior approval from the State Library. Computer hardware such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, software, servers or routers, assistive equipment, presentation and multimedia hardware, and accessories related to the items to be purchased are all allowable. Libraries can also use grant funds for network assessment, technical assessments, and space assessments, as well as items that respond to the pandemic such as outdoor spaces to provide access to internet and social distancing. No construction is allowed.

List of Allowable Items

Other Requirements


The grants are in the form of reimbursements only. Materials, services and equipment can only be purchased after the Grant Agreement is fully signed. All invoices, receipts, bills of sale, etc. must be dated prior to the grant agreement's end date and be paid by the library. Proof of purchase, proof of receipt and proof of vendor invoice is required for reimbursement. 

CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act)

CIPA compliance is required for libraries serving minors, defined as people 17 years old or younger. If your library does not serve minors then CIPA does not apply.

If your library does serve minors, then any Internet access, and Internet connected devices, purchased with federal funds (the ARPA funds are federal funds) must have a Technology Protection Measure on them.

If your library does serve minors, but does NOT use federal funds to purchase connected devices, e.g. hotspots, but instead uses the federal funds to purchase things that are not connected to the Internet, e.g. a projector for a classroom, then CIPA does not apply.

See more about CIPA